“1990 freilegen” at f/stop festival 2018, Leipzig

Very pleased to be contributing to f/stop festival Leipzig (https://f-stop-leipzig.de) with a new site-specific collaboration and by participating in the symposium:

f/stop In Situ: Das Jahr 1990 freilegen / Exposing The Year 1990; Public Display

Opening: 19.6., 7 pm, Wilhelm-Leuschner-Platz, Leipzig


With photographs by Andreas Rost, text collages by Elske Rosenfeld, notes by Christian Borchert on the year 1990, and texts by Jan Wenzel. Layout: Wolfgang Schwärzler. Architecture: Diana Felber.

f/stop In Situ looks back at the year 1990. In comparing the years 1989 and 1990 it is remarkable that they have been recorded so differently in the collective memory. Virtually everyone in Germany can recall the events of the fall of 1989, while the year 1990—the lines of development of which were continually being disrupted—often remains unintelligible and incommunicable. Like children who can remember nothing before their third birthday, for many East Germans 1990 seems to be buried. Yet just as the first years of life shape a person’s emotional character, the experiences of 1990—all the hopes, fears, promises of happiness and disappointments – have left their mark on people’s deepest feelings and attitudes.

Free entrance, more information: https://f-stop-leipzig.de/de/in-situ/

f/stop Symposium:

Vom Nachwirken der Bilder. Plenum zu politischen Debatten und Praxen visueller Teilhabe

Sa, 23. 6. 2018, from 2 pm, Halle 14, Leipzig Plagwitz


14:15 – 16:15 Plenum (in German) with Falk Haberkorn, Eva Pluhařová-Grigienė (Moderation), Elske Rosenfeld, Andreas Rost

More info on the festival: https://f-stop-leipzig.de