Unterbrechungen: Skripte, Proben, Gesten

Unterbrechungen: Skripte, Proben, Gesten
(Interruptions: Scripts, Rehearsals, Gestures)

Elske Rosenfeld and Achim Lengerer
in collaboration with Bakri Bakhit and Anna Voswinckel

Contributors/Participants: Jane Beran, Judith Braband, Bernd Gehrke, Sigrid Lange, Matias Mieth, Carsten Möller, Carsten Saeger, Leopold Tax, Ina Weisser

KV — Verein für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig e.V.
Kolonnadenstraße 6, 04109 Leipzig

Eröffnung: 21. Juni 2018, 19:00 Uhr
22. Juni – 15. Juli 2018

The exhibition “Interruptions: Scripts, Rehearsals, Gestures” combines new iterations of two respective bodies of research of Achim Lengerer and Elske Rosenfeld. Both practices look at leftist/dissident histories of the pre-1990 East / West Germany, working with and from historical documents in which institutions, groups, and individuals come to be articulated within and beyond language. Physical gestures are conceived in both practices as instances of rupture and openness within historical narratives – in other words, moments where specific configurations of possibility and failure coincide.

For the exhibition, each has produced a new work in a shared work process that involved students of the Leipzig Art Academy as well as protagonists from both historical instances: participants of the Central Round Table of the GDR in 1989 and members of a mid-1980s Jena based Peter Weiss reading group. In this process, Achim has developed a collective performative rehearsal based on text material and transcriptions from his research into the reception of Peter Weiss’s play “Trotsky in Exile” and from his “Aesthetics of Resistance”. Elske has worked out a new format of her project “A Vocabulary of Revolutionary Gestures”: a collective exercise in notating and reembodying the physical movements in which the urgency of a revolutionary decision making process manifests as physical excess.

(Photo: Caspar Sänger)