A project in progress with Robert Burghardt, Sönke Hallmann & Inga Zimprich, 2010

Brecht’s/Heiner Müller’s figure of Fatzer provides a conceptual space, a lose set of possible instructions for thinking about the scope of political action at a time when such acts have lost their connection to the horizon of an all-encompassing narrative. The Fatzermobil is an apparatus for bringing together and confronting different artefacts and documents from political events and processes that history rendered speechless as it untethered them from the narratives in which they took shape. We find such materials within our individual fields of research into, among other things the aesthetic and formalist remains of partisan monuments of the former Yugoslavia, and documents from the political practices and ideas of the citizens’ movement of the former GDR which, at the very end of state socialism, appealed for one final time, to the initial promise that this, now failing, project had been founded on.

In the Fatzermobil these materials combine with literary and philosophical figures to become script and stage set, in and through which they might be performed, activated, put into play in an infinite set of rehearsals for a permanently deferred play.

Installation Notes:
Mobile stage set (mixed materials, dimensions variable), text book.

“Revolution?”, Arttransponder, Berlin, 26 April -16 May 2010