Reading the Constitution

Installation, 2010

Screenshot “Reading the Constitution” Video, part of the Installation at BAK, Utrecht, 2010

The installation centres around the a looped video which shows the pages of the Draft for an East German Constitution from 1990 as I leaf through them, reading the document in real time from front to back (making it potentially possible for visitors to read along with me). A second video on a screen nearby shows footage from the original, highly public, emotionally charged reading of the Constitution at the last session of the Round Table assembly, where the Draft was collectively written in 1989/90. A text plate and photo depict the story of the printing and publication of the Constitution booklet and its rapid trajectory from being the “outcome and legacy of the uprising of 89” to near complete historical oblivion, told in the words of one of its authors and few remaining custodians.

The installation was produced for the exhibition “Vectors of the Possible” at BAK, Utrecht, where it was shown alongside the video/ sound piece “May I Interrupt” (2009).

Installation Notes:
Video loop “Reading the Constitution” (HD video, 40 mins, colour, no sound, 2010), video of the reading of the Constitution at the Round Table (video, 10 mins, colour, German with Engl. subtitles. Footage courtesy of the Deutsche Rundfunkarchiv), text and image plates.

Vectors of the Possible, BAK basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht, Holland
11 September – 28 November 2010