Zonenrapper, Schwule, Punks und Nazis

Series of screenings and talks, 2009

The event series presented a number of films depicting the different youth scenes of the late GDR, each time combining a film from that period with a film produced about the same scene ten or fifteen years on. The thematic focus provided material for a discussion of the history of the late GDR that cuts across the two dominant modes of speaking about the time – viewing it either as repressive dictatorship or a slightly quirky, but essentially harmless social paradise. The time gap between the two documents brings into view those processes of historization that alienate biographic experience from contemporary representations and memory from historical document.

Ultimately the screened films also cast a light back on the often ignored biographic differences within the supposedly homogeneous young contemporary audience of a subcultural space in Berlin.

Basso, Berlin, 26 March – 16 April 2009