A bit of a Complex Situation

2-Channel Video Installation, 2014

An intervention into footage from the first meeting of the Central Round Table of the GDR, on December 7th 1989: In a 10-minute scene, participants are trying to agree on a response to a demonstration that is passing the building. Sounds from the demonstration can be heard ebbing and swelling outside the window, as the participants debate. The demonstrators are never seen, only heard. The 2-channel projection shows the scene in its entirety. It unfolds as series of interventions into the material that are themselves based on motions and gestures taken from the footage: pans, zooms, the shaking of the camera, the gestures and movements of the participants, the different qualities and sources of sound. These are amplified, repeated, looped, in order to confront and confound notions of an inside and an outside, language and body, representation and embodiment.