Speaking for Ourselves

Magazines, GDR, October 1989 – June 1990.
(7 billboard posters and textbook)

To the readers and authors of our magazine
We already wrote to you a few weeks ago in the Bauernecho newspaper. Using the advantage of a daily newspaper, we wanted to reach one or the other of you, to ask for your understanding for the long silence in our magazine since the beginning of the profound and great changes in our country. It is our hope with this new issue 1/90 to inaugurate a new era in hunting. We appeal to you, dear readers and authors, to join us in an honest debate about the future of hunting in a critical, but considerate, in other words, a truly democratic way. The past months have shown that this is not always easy, because one has to listen to and accept the views of others. We offer you the magazine “Unsere Jagd” as a forum for constructive discussion, for searching the best solutions for making hunting something that is truly owned by all citizens.

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Artist interventions in public space, October 6 – October 12, 2012
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