Sie hebt die Hand, sie wendet den Kopf. Poster

Poster/ Text, 2014

(Photo: Achim Lengerer)

This glossary accompanies the performance “She turns her head, she lifts the pen” and takes the form of a poster/flyer that can be taken away. It can function, in exhibition settings, as a trace, or a mapping, a stand-in, or an extension of the performance, which is itself ephemeral. It uses images from the three different scenes – Berlin 1989, Paris 1968, Cairo 2012 – used in the performance, and sketches out the four different motions/concepts of circling, interrupting, repeating, standing still, that form the foundation of its choreography.

First created as an insert into Springerin magazine (January 2014), a poster version has been developed as part of the edition Scriptings #42. The Poster is laid out and placed in such a way that it itself invites a small choreography of bending down, reading, circling.

The full text (in German) is here.